‘I’ve never seen a picture like this’: Photographer who took epic photo of polar bear in Antarctica shows it to her family

  • June 20, 2021

A photographer has shared her stunning images of polar bears in Antarctica after they escaped from their habitat.

In a series of stunning images, Lisa Schumann captures the wildlife at its most vulnerable, taking photographs of polar Bears with her iPhone.

“They’re very docile and peaceful,” said Schumann.

“They’re not very active and are very peaceful.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to capture a beautiful moment.”

In the series, Schumann shows the polar bears on her balcony as they climb from their ice-covered habitat into the sun and then to the sunlit sky.

The photographer explains that the animals have an unusually high tolerance for sunlight.

“These animals are really very sensitive to sunlight,” said the polar bear photographer.

“There’s no other place on Earth where you can see polar bears as beautiful and as majestic as this.”

Schumann’s work captures the animals’ behaviour and their behaviour of the humans in the picture, which includes a number of playful gestures.

“I’ve had quite a few interactions with them, especially when I’m photographing them, and I’ve found that they have an incredibly friendly and respectful way of interacting with the camera,” said her husband, Martin.

“The bears are a very unique animal that we’ve never known.

They’re beautiful, but they’re also very shy.”

They also appear to be extremely resilient.

In one of the more dramatic scenes, a bear leaps from the ice into the sunlight, as a human is taken by surprise by the dramatic image.

“It was absolutely incredible to see the polar Bear in its prime, and it was a fantastic moment for me to capture the entire moment,” said Martin.

“It was an absolutely beautiful moment and a great way to capture some amazing footage.”

Schuman says her series of Polar Bears captures a unique moment, capturing an iconic moment in the history of polar exploration.

“We’ve never done an expedition to Antarctica before,” said she.

“So we thought we’d take some of our best shots, capture some of the best moments, and hopefully give them to people who were there when we were there.”

This is our chance to show our viewers that Antarctica is a place that we can all learn from.

“For more information, go to polarbearrescue.ca


E-mail : hsftakxgecydurjl@qq.com

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