The Big Bang Theory’s Chris Pratt on Season 2: ‘We’re Not Done yet’

  • August 25, 2021

The Big Bads are returning for the season finale, with Chris Pratt taking on a new character.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Pratt at Comic-Con International: San Diego about his role as the voice of Star-Lord, his favorite food, and what the future holds for his new relationship with his son.

The Big Bang theory is back, and it’s a good one.

There are all sorts of interesting new twists in this new season.

When you start out in this universe, you’re sort of living in the middle of the cosmos, but you don’t know it.

That’s part of the fun of it, so you get to know it all.

We have this weird, weird universe.

I think it’s fun to try and figure out who we are, who our place in this big universe is, what it’s like to be a human being.

I’ve always been interested in human beings, and so is Chris.

When we first meet him, we get to see that he’s kind of an alien.

I really wanted to find out what that means, and how the cosmos is different.

We get to discover that a lot more in the second season.

It’s really exciting to go into a universe with so much mystery.

I know this was a big story to tell with the first season.

You start out as this guy who’s kind the opposite of everyone else, and then you kind of discover you’re not just human, you also kind of have this kind of thing.

I don’t think people ever get to feel like that.

They never get to find that, and that’s something that we try to do.

I’m excited to see how far we can take this.

We’ve always talked about how we’ve always found this to be really interesting.

We’ve always wanted to explore the human experience, and there are so many aspects of the human journey that I love.

I love the fact that we’ve explored so many different aspects of human nature, and we always want to find new ways to do that.

When I started doing these episodes, I was like, Oh, we can do this.

We can do a lot of things.

I remember watching an episode where the robots were being pulled apart, and I was thinking, “Oh, it’s gonna be awesome if we do a show about that.”

So we’ve been doing that, we’re still doing that.

I feel like it’s really fun to have this show that I’m so proud of.

I was so happy to see the robots come together, because I feel that they are kind of like people.

I mean, they’re a family.

They’re like humans.

They want to be loved.

They have their own needs, and they have their desires.

I felt like that was a really interesting thing to explore.

I wanted to get a little more into that, because that was such a huge part of what we’re about, so I was happy to explore that.

There’s a lot to explore with this season.

I also feel like we’ve got a lot that’s really interesting in the universe.

Like, we have a couple of very interesting characters.

There is a lot for Chris and the team to explore, so we want to give them the time and the space to explore it.

There was a lot going on in the season that I felt was really, really interesting, so it was really fun for us to be able to explore this universe and kind of go back and forth, and see where it takes us.

I hope people get to love it.

I do.

We are not done yet.


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