Alyssa Milano’s ‘Miley Cyrus’ video ‘sucks’ and ‘it’s really not funny’

  • October 8, 2021

After a short run on MTV, the former teen idol turned pop star Alyssah Milano is headed back to the digital world.

Milano has been in the studio this week for a new video for her song “I Don’t Care” and her debut album, “I’m A Slave.”

The video, which she released this week, stars Milano in a skimpy outfit with a red bow and a purple ribbon on her neck.

In the clip, Milano, dressed in a black dress, speaks to a black audience member about the music industry, while wearing a wig and makeup.

She speaks about the pressures of fame and fame-obsessed media.

Milan’s song, which is a collaboration with her boyfriend, producer Scott Dawson, has become an Internet hit and has become a smash hit with critics.

In the video, she asks fans to stop watching “every single clip and every video on MTV.

You don’t have to be an old white girl to know that,” she says.

Milanos new album, I’m A Slut, is due out on Sept. 10.

The new album is her first in six years and marks a change from the past five years.

Milans first album, 2010’s “Tiger & The Bear,” was an album that featured her own material.

Milanes new music is also a departure from her past.

She has not released any music since 2015’s “Bitch, Get Ready,” which was recorded in the same studio.

She has said previously that she would like to make more albums.

Milanaos new album has been accompanied by a new song, “My Love,” which features a performance by the group The Weeknd.


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