‘Funny’ and ‘gutsy’ photos can make you ‘woke’

  • October 8, 2021

“I’ve always been interested in photography, so I thought I would start doing a series of short and fun photos with a funny, quirky, and clever twist,” she says.

“I wanted to find a way to show my friends and colleagues that I was actually a funny person, and that I wasn’t some weirdo.”

The photo shoots she put together have since been shared over 1.4 million times on Facebook and are currently sitting on the front page of Instagram, where she has over 3,600 likes.

Her Instagram is also a haven for anyone looking to create content, with users sharing their own personal stories of photography, photography lessons, and photo-making.

Her photos can range from everyday objects like a water bottle to the more whimsical ones such as a dolly and a camera tripod.

“A lot of my photos are just about being happy with my body, with the way I look, and I think that makes me a funny and gregarious person,” she explains.

“My inspiration is really much like a child in a cartoon, it’s about the way the world is,” she adds.

“It’s very surreal and surreal, and then I think it’s all very funny and goofy and goofy.

It’s not very girly, it doesn’t have a lot of girly qualities, but it’s just so silly.”

A self-taught photographer, her photographs are all made using a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom.

“Sometimes I’ll make a picture, then I’ll edit it with my phone, and it’s going to look like it’s made from a toy or a baby doll,” she laughs.

“I love it when I see people’s faces in the photo because I feel like I can see my own face in it,” she continues.

“And when I’m in the studio, I want to show them that I’m actually a pretty funny person.”


E-mail : hsftakxgecydurjl@qq.com

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