When the NHL’s new uniforms come out, they will look like the Flyers’ jerseys

  • September 16, 2021

The NHL’s uniform changes are coming and the Philadelphia Flyers are getting some big news on Monday when they wear their new uniforms for the first time since the team’s debut season in 1996.

As the team announced the uniforms in a video, the Flyers will wear black pants and black socks on Monday.

The jersey design has not been announced.

“It’s going to be very similar to the first one, just a few more things,” general manager Ron Hextall said.

“The jersey is a lot lighter, and I think it’s a lot cleaner.

I think that it’s going be a lot easier to wear.”

The jerseys were unveiled Tuesday in a ceremony in Philadelphia, and the team will wear the jerseys on its home ice on Monday night against the Minnesota Wild at Wells Fargo Center.

The new uniforms are made of a soft, matte white fabric that blends in with the ice.

The jersey design will be unveiled by Flyers assistant general manager and head of hockey operations Bryan McCabe, who also serves as the team and general manager.

Hextalt, who said the new uniforms will be used by all 27 teams, is the only general manager in the league to wear his jersey.

In the video, Hextally said the jerseys will be worn in an open-air environment on the ice, with no color restrictions on the game.

“The jersey was designed by a guy who has worked in the game for a long time and is the designer of all the jerseys in the NHL,” Hextalls said.

“He’s a really great hockey player and a great designer.

So we’re really excited to have him here, and we’re excited to see what he comes up with.”

Hextall says he’s also excited about the jerseys being used by other teams.

“They’ve got some of the most successful teams in the history of the league,” Heptal said.

Birds are the future of photography

  • August 17, 2021


The idea that birds can produce images that are more accurately represented by film than those produced by humans is not new.

In fact, the first photographic plates of bird images were created in the 16th century by the French scientist Jean-Jacques de Boucicali in Paris.

But, since then, the technique has only become more sophisticated.

This week, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Photographic Research in Leipzig presented new work to the journal Nature showing that the ability to capture images that match the color of a bird’s feathers is just as effective at capturing color as is the ability of humans to accurately portray a bird in its natural environment.

“This is not to say that humans are the best at this, but the field of bird photography has moved into a new territory,” said Dr. Jens Schmitz, a researcher at the institute and a lead author of the paper.

“Bird photography is very special, and the ability that it gives to capture a bird is very high,” he added.

“The technology is very advanced.

The ability to create accurate images is very powerful, and it’s very fast.

It’s very easy to do.”

In fact, it took the Max team just two hours to create their first image of a blue-headed robin.

The image was a close-up of the rooster’s wings and the back of its head, which is often used in bird photography.

This image of the bird’s wing was captured using a digital camera, which was then transformed into an image on a photodiode, or light-sensitive film, using an infrared filter.

A digital camera produces an image in which only light can penetrate the film.

This is how a digital image of an animal’s wing, or a bird with its wings open, looks in an image printed on a digital film, as used in birds.

The Max team’s new method was based on the ability the photodiodes in a bird camera to “hear” the chemical makeup of a feather.

This means that the photodiodes that make up the feathers on the bird, such as calcium, carbon and silicon, can be precisely read in the digital image.

“The ability to read the chemistry in the feather is what makes the bird the most effective animal for this kind of work,” said study co-author Professor Andreas Schmid from the Max Institute for Artificial Photosynthesis in Leipsig.

“It’s a special thing that we call ‘digital-photography.'”

As a result, the researchers’ next step is to try to understand why birds have such an accurate image when it comes to capturing color.

“There are many theories as to why birds produce the best color, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer,” said Schmid.

“But, based on our work, we have a hypothesis that is supported by previous studies, that the color-sensitive photodioreceptors are used to create a natural color.

The other important thing is that this new technique can be used for a wide range of species, from birds to fish to fish and plants.”

What we found is that it is possible to create images with the most accurate color of any bird.

It seems that the feathers are the key to this,” he said.

In the future, researchers hope that these findings could help improve the quality of the photos produced by birds.

For more on bird photography, click here to visit the Max paper on the topic.

Bird Photography from Edward Weston

  • July 19, 2021

This week’s top post on Reddit was a collection of birds from Edward Weston, the man behind the famous photographs of birds that have gone on to inspire generations of photographers.

His most famous work is the “Bird and the Sky” series, which includes a series of images of a red-tailed hawk (Panthera glaber) circling a tree in front of a pair of white-tailed deer (Antilocapra canadensis) on the Oregon coast.

Weston’s birds were not only taken by his subjects, but also by his camera, a Canon EOS-1Ds.

Weston died in 2008.

“I used to have a habit of taking photographs of animals in flight, but my passion for wildlife photography has always been to get them closer,” Weston told BuzzFeed News.

And I wanted to capture it in the most natural way possible.””

It was always a desire to capture the beauty of nature, and to capture something that I had never seen before, in the wild.

And I wanted to capture it in the most natural way possible.”

Weston said that the first images he took as a photographer were of his wife, Lizzie, who was a young mother.

“[I had] never been out with her, but I did see her walking along the beach, and the next thing I know she’s got her arms wrapped around her daughter and has a big smile on her face,” Westons son, Edward Weston, said.

“The birds were so beautiful and just so majestic, and I just started to think, what if we had more?

What if we could get more of them in front?”

Westons wife had a son, Robert, who died in 2005.

“I’ve been in love with wildlife for as long as I can remember,” he said.

 Weston took more than 1,000 of his famous images, including “the red-tails of the mountains,” and eventually expanded his collection to include over 100 different species of birds.

One of the most notable was a female red-tail hawk (Heterodon cinerea) that is currently listed as threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which says that it poses a threat to a number of ecosystems.

A bird with a big face and a large, bright eye, the red-tailed hawk is a predator of birds and the endangered species list.

It is a common sight in Oregon.

It’s also found in the Pacific Northwest and in the Great Lakes region, where it has been documented attacking ducks and other waterfowl.

Westons collection also includes a collection called “Wild Turkey,” which features an assortment of bird species from the U

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