Peter Beard and the New York Post headline their #IAMSORRY photo series: What’s wrong with us?

  • September 2, 2021

A bunch of dudes, dressed as a bunch of people from the New Jersey shore, are standing in a lake with a sign reading, “IAMS ORRY, P.B.”

(for “P.B.

Beard Photography.”)

The photo series, which is inspired by the New England Patriots’ logo, will be posted on the blog’s Facebook page over the next few weeks.

It includes photos from various sporting events, including Super Bowl XLVII and the Patriots-Raiders game, and a video from the 2012 NFL Draft.

The photos will then be shared via social media.

The series is being organized by Peter Beard, who has been an online fixture in the world of photojournalism since 2014.

He is the founder of the New Zealand-based beard-photography blog,, and has been a regular contributor to the popular online news outlet, the Daily Dot.

In 2017, Beard was named the first man in the country to win a Pulitzer Prize for his work, a distinction that is bestowed on journalists.

In 2018, Beard became the first male-identified photographer to win the Pulitzer for his story on New Jersey governor Chris Christie, the governor’s office said.

He also won the Pulitzer prize for his reporting on the 2016 presidential election, which led to the resignation of President Donald Trump.

Beard has also been featured in The New Yorker and on HBO’s “Real Time.”

A new video, titled “I am a human being,” is being uploaded to and will be available later this week.

It features interviews with Beardstalking the New Hampshire coast.

In it, Beard discusses the importance of the “I Am a Human Being” slogan and the importance for him to stand out, saying he hopes it will inspire others to become more conscious of what it means to be a person in the 21st century.

“The truth is, there is nothing I can do about it, but if you can stand out with your own presence and be a different person, I hope that the world can benefit from that,” Beard said in the video.

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