How to make a great t shirt

  • September 22, 2021

T shirts are a staple of many fashion brands.

From Ralph Lauren’s new “We Got This” tee to the more stylish “Hate Masks” and “I’m Not a Man” t-shirts, you can’t go wrong with one.

But what if you want something a little more interesting?

Why not make a T-shirt with a photo of George Clooney?

The actor, known for his role in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” is known for being incredibly talented in the art of tattooing, and the design for his “George Clooney T-Shirt” is a work of art. 

The T-shirts are available for $59.99 and are available now in the Men’s section of the retailer’s website.

The T shirt, which was designed by a tattoo artist, is a tribute to George Clooneys famous signature pose. 

T-shirts with George Cloones signature pose are available to purchase at Men’s sizes.

T-Shirts have become so popular that fashion retailers are even selling replica versions.

Some t-shirt designs have become as popular as George CloONES signature pose, and have become a popular trend for tattoo artists.

The T-shirts are a classic look that has become a trend among tattooists. 

“George Cloones” is not George Cloopy’s name, but it is a very recognizable name.

It is a combination of George, Cloe, and Clooney.

The design was first introduced in 2013 by a Brazilian tattoo artist.

This tattoo artist created a replica of Clooney’s signature pose with a stylist in a black and white tattoo.

George Cloops famous tattoo is known as the “George of Miami.”

The George Clookes famous tattoo on the left side of the shirt is actually the word “George.”

The George Cloakes name is not on the shirt itself, but the word is written in a red script on the back. 

There are two versions of the George Cloans t-shirt.

One is available for men’s sizes and the other is available in men’s and women’s sizes only. 

George Clookes signature pose is known to have been done with two people on each side of him.

The men’s version of the t-shop shirt comes in a grey shirt and blue pants with a silver belt buckle.

The women’s version comes in navy shirt and black pants with silver belt buckles.

The George of Miami tattoo is not one of the many tattoos that Clooney has done.

The tattoo is an homage to the actor, but one that has gone viral since being discovered.

Clooney had originally received the tattoo from an acquaintance, but he has since shared the image on Instagram.

The George of Miamis famous tattoo has become so well known that it is now known as a “George Miamislo” tattoo.

The “George” in the George Miamisto tattoo has also been dubbed a “fart emoji” in response to the word.

George M. Cloone’s “George-Miamislos” tattoo has been known to be a “Fart emoji.”

George Cloone has not revealed his name or tattoo, but in 2013 he told Entertainment Weekly that he had no idea who he was and that he didn’t care.

Giallorossi take down Fiorentina 1-0

  • August 23, 2021

Partagas move to within three points of second-placed Napoli and Gialloro are on track to move up to fourth in Serie A after beating Fiorendina 1.1 at the San Siro.

It took them just one minute to score and the two sides traded penalties and equalising before Antonio Di Natale’s late equaliser saw them claim a 3-3 draw at the Stadio San Paolo.

The victory kept Napoli within three and gave the Gialloblu a seven-point lead over their rivals, with Fiorence only three points off fourth-placed Roma.

They have now won nine of their last 12 games and are currently seventh in the table.

Napoli have won six of their past seven games, including a 5-0 victory over Juventus in midweek, and the Gialls have won just once in eight league matches.

In the first leg, the Giollands had a 2-0 lead before Di Natales’ strike put the visitors back in front.

The visitors’ only effort on target came from Alessandro Florenzi’s cross from the right before Di Nata came off his line and shot into the far corner.

But the visitors levelled when Diego Forlan converted from close range, before Mario Balotelli headed in a second from the penalty spot.

Juventus had already beaten them 2-1 on their home turf last month, and they are also four points clear at the top of Serie A with eight games to go.

Giallorzo are on course to finish top of the table with seven games to play and could even be in contention for Champions League qualification if they beat rivals Milan.

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