The ‘real’ reason Trump has a problem with the media

  • July 3, 2021

By Andrew Ross SorkinThe Real News: Trump and the MediaBy Andrew Ross FreeWill they ever get the president’s attention?

That’s the question that many in the media are asking.

And while they may be asking it, the president is also increasingly losing them.

President Donald Trump, who has long been an outspoken critic of the media, has been losing the public’s attention for months.

He’s been criticized for repeatedly using Twitter to attack journalists.

And he’s been a target for his administration’s attacks on the media over the past week, including accusing them of “fake news.”

Trump has even gone as far as to publicly blame reporters for the leaks of classified information to the press.

But the problem for Trump has gotten worse in recent weeks, as the president has been increasingly losing the trust of Americans who have come to rely on the news media to provide information that the president finds relevant.

Trump’s critics point to a number of factors for this downward spiral, including his inability to articulate policy ideas or address the problems facing his administration.

They also point to his frequent outbursts on Twitter and other social media, where he has lashed out at reporters for not reporting accurately on his administration or for reporting on information he deems inaccurate.

“He’s not a very nice guy.

He won’t say what he’s going to do, so he has to use Twitter and he’s very, very, aggressive,” said Michael Crowley, a political scientist at George Mason University.

Trump is the first president to suffer from a major crisis with the press, Crowley added, and the president isn’t the only one to have suffered from a crisis with a major news organization.

In January, President Barack Obama was criticized by the news outlets for using Twitter for a short time to lash out at the media for not covering him more effectively than he did.

And last month, President Donald Trump was criticized for tweeting a series of controversial, false statements and for using social media to attack the media.

Trump was also criticized by reporters for his treatment of the press in a speech last month in which he attacked reporters for “fake” coverage of his administration, calling them “totally dishonest.”

The president has also been criticized by a number on social media for being unresponsive to questions from the press or for making incorrect statements about the media or the intelligence community.

In the latest instance, Trump said last month that the media’s coverage of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was “fake,” and then later said he had “zero” confidence that the intelligence agencies had found “no evidence” of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign associates.

“I have zero confidence in the intelligence communities assessment,” Trump said at a campaign rally.

“I have a total lack of confidence.

And you know what, when I was a candidate I said, I have zero, zero confidence.

I have no confidence whatsoever.

I don’t know what happened.

And the reason is because the intelligence is fake.

They made up phony things.”

Trump also accused the news organizations of “not paying enough attention to me” after he was criticized earlier this month for calling the news coverage of a mass shooting in Las Vegas “fake.”

Trump has also gone after CNN and NBC, two news organizations that he regularly attacks, as well as ABC News and the New York Times, which he says are “fake media.”

He has also blasted The New York Post, which the president considers a “failing pile of garbage.”

And he has repeatedly called the Washington Post “the enemy of the people,” a characterization that is now widely viewed as inaccurate.

Some of these criticisms come at a time when Trump is struggling to contain the media and has been taking some public steps to curb his own news outlets.

In late February, Trump announced a review of his media coverage.

Trump later said that he was “not going to be putting the media in any sort of shape that they don’t want me to put them in.”

Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and senior counselor Kellyanne Conway have both called on the president to get more information about the role of the news business in American politics, a call that has been met with cautious optimism.

But Priebus has also made it clear that the Trump administration has not given up on the idea of Trump being able to get information from the media he wants to see.

“It’s not as if we have no other choice, other than to be very aggressive in our approach to the media,” Priebus told reporters on March 12.

“What we’re doing is making sure that we’re making sure there is a balance between having the information that’s available and a balanced and transparent environment,” he added.

Conway has also pointed to the importance of the free press.

She told CNN on Monday that “we need to keep the American people informed.”

And White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said that the administration will continue to “fight back against the fake news” that has plagued the news

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