Gordon Parks, the man behind the glass ball photo, dies at 84

  • September 10, 2021

Gordon Parks has passed away.

He was 84.

Parks was the man responsible for creating the iconic image of Gordon Parks walking in front of the iconic glass ball.

It is a symbol of Parks’ life.

His son and grandson are the original creators of the photo.

The image was shot with a lens that is still used today, which he used to help people remember the great man.

Parks was born on October 23, 1930 in Birmingham, England.

He graduated from Birmingham’s Royal Agricultural School in 1943 and moved to Glasgow, Scotland, where he worked in a fishmongery before moving to the city’s north in the 1950s.

After moving to Scotland, Parks worked as a carpenter before getting a job as a newspaper photographer.

In 1954, he founded the photography lighting kit company, called the Glass Ball Photography Company, which would eventually become the iconic lighting kit that inspired the photo that he had created.

His work has been featured in countless movies, TV shows, books and television shows.

Glass Ball Photo Gordon Parks and his daughter, Elizabeth, pictured in 1958.

The iconic photo of Gordon and Elizabeth Parks with the ball at their feet was created by Gordon Parks.

After Parks’ death, his son and granddaughter, who had been producing the photo, decided to re-create the image with a brand new lens.

They made a brand-new lens and took the photo with it.

The photo was released in 1965 as a feature on the History Channel’s The History Channel.

It was nominated for an Academy Award and won for best photo documentary.

It went on to become one of the most photographed photos of all time.

It has been the subject of several documentaries, including one called “The Great Gordon Parks Photo” which was broadcast on PBS’ “History Channel” in 2010.

In 2009, Parks died at his home in Scotland.

He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was in a hospice facility in Glasgow, where his family said he had been receiving treatment.

He is survived by his wife of nearly 50 years, the late Helen, and a son, David.

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