How to capture the moment you’re standing in front of a giant whale on the Gold Coast

  • July 4, 2021

From the watery depths of the Great Barrier Reef, to the endless black of the Blue Mountains, to majestic rock formations that can only be seen from the edge of space, we’re all familiar with the beauty and majesty of Australia’s coastline.

But for some, the view can also be overwhelming and terrifying.

For the photographer, that is what the moment was for photographer and adventurer Leonards Photography.

Leonards Photography’s journey began when Leonard first met his girlfriend, Lauren, on an Australian adventure.

“I knew she had something that I didn’t have,” he said.

He had a passion for travel photography, and decided to give it a go in 2016.

After a few years on the road, Leonards realised he was missing something.

There was no shortage of beautiful coastal scenery around Australia, but there was also a distinct lack of wildlife.

The challenge was to capture what Leonards was missing in the form of a photo, in a way that was captivating to both the photographer and the viewer.

While Leonards had no preconceptions about what would make a photo his perfect shot, he realised that he had a lot to learn.

So, in 2017, he decided to take a leap of faith and create his own photographic project.

His first challenge was choosing a subject.

One that would be unique and captivating for him, but not so different to the images he was used to seeing from the beaches of Australia.

This meant choosing a place to shoot, and a location where he would be able to create a perfect shot.

Before Leonards could begin, he had to have a plan.

I was looking for a beach, but was not able to find one, so I looked for the nearby river.

Leonards decided to go to the water’s edge of the coast.

When I first went to the river, I was amazed to see the sheer height of the cliffs that line the riverbank.

Leonard had always thought that the beach was very small.

What I discovered when I looked further into the water was that there were actually a lot of rocks in the river.

It was a great opportunity to take some incredible photos.

Leonares first photo was taken near the beach.

As I walked across the river to look for a suitable location, I came across a small rock outcrop.

It would have been a good subject for a photo if the rock had not been covered with water, so Leonards opted to focus on it.

It took Leonards just over an hour to capture a perfect photograph, which shows the rock outcropping.

But the first photo wasn’t a perfect one.

It wasn’t quite what he wanted.

Looking back on his previous shots, Leonard realised that the photo had taken him out of his comfort zone.

During the next week, Leonars travelled to the nearby town of Nambu, and set about creating a shot of his favourite beach.

Leonars decided to photograph a local fishing boat on a remote island.

He decided to leave his camera on the dock for a while, so that he could take a look at the fish.

From there, he used a tripod to get a good exposure.

Leonhardt then photographed the fish using his camera’s flash, and waited for it to set.

The fish caught the light well, and Leonhardt could tell that it was a good specimen.

Once he had the fish in the shot, Leonhardt moved to the next location, and photographed the local bushman on his own land.

Then, in early 2018, Leonardo was looking forward to spending time with his girlfriend.

On his first day of holiday, Leoners was expecting a peaceful and serene environment, but as he was walking along the beach, a group of boaters were taking photos of him.

Leon was shocked to see them taking photos and he immediately turned his head to look at them.

In his excitement, Leon was surprised to see that he was the only one on the beach in the afternoon.

Although he had taken a number of pictures of the boaters, he was not sure who was taking them.

He was not surprised when he noticed that the boater was wearing a helmet, which he was quite impressed with.

At the end of the day, Leonhardas wife and family had a beautiful time, and the family were able to enjoy a few hours of beach time.

Even though he had no idea who was shooting the photo, Leon had a feeling that it would be perfect for the family to have the photo.

Seeing the photo make the rounds online, Leon decided to make a few modifications to his original shot, including a different angle, and added a second subject.

It all worked out well for Leonard, who was able to capture one of the most unique and unforgettable beach photos ever taken in Australia.

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