‘Dumb’ Instagram Stories, and the rest of the world, are all ‘not real’

  • September 3, 2021

Posted September 05, 2018 04:21:25I recently stumbled across a story on Reddit that seemed to suggest that there is no such thing as ‘dumb’ photos, but rather, that a particular kind of photos are all that matters.

 In particular, it suggested that some people’s photos are actually dumb, while others are actually really good.

A user named  Kathleen  (she also goes by the username Kathleen_B) had posted a series of pictures that were both really good and dumb, both because of the way they were created, and also because they were taken at an event in New York City.

It wasn’t until I read the thread that I realized that there was actually a more nuanced perspective on the topic than the simple one I’d seen online.

The posts that were posted were actually really funny and interesting, but they also tended to focus on a subset of photos that I felt were not representative of real life.

One post was titled “The Best Instagram Stories of All Time” and featured photos of people, from both good and bad, who were wearing the same kind of hat, wearing the exact same glasses, wearing shoes that looked like they belonged to the same person.

“I’ve got to be honest,” Kathleen wrote in her post, “I’m kind of biased and I have an ego, but I think I can say with confidence that the most hilarious, hilarious, and smart Instagram Stories ever made were created by people who didn’t have an actual Instagram account.

Of course, this is what we have come to expect from the Internet’s biggest assholes.”

Kathlene also included a series that was titled, “A collection of the best photos from every year of the year.”

As someone who grew up in the early 90s, I was very familiar with the kind of photo that Kathleen created, as well as the kind that I had.

I knew it was the kind I grew up with, and I had seen that the same people would often take the same photos over and over.

So when Kathleen started sharing her photo series with other people, I immediately knew that there were some of the most interesting, smart, funny, and thoughtful Instagram Stories I’d ever seen.

My response to the post that I’d written in response to Kathleen’s post was to share that I was glad she had taken the time to create it.

There were some good things to say about it, like that it was actually funny to see people that didn’t actually live in the same world or experience the same things interacting with the same objects, and that the people in the photos actually looked like real people.

That last one was a huge compliment.

In fact, the whole thing was funny.

As I continued to read the posts, I realized why it had been so funny.

I think that Kathleen’s “art” was a good way to bring people together, to help them understand that things are actually not that crazy and that people are actually actually doing real things.

People who created the best Instagram Stories were not the dumb ones, and their Instagram stories were actually hilarious.

But I think the thing that really stood out was the way that Kathleen chose to showcase the people who had created the most fun and memorable Instagram Stories.

This is what she meant: the people whose Instagram Stories are not only entertaining, but also interesting and inspiring.

Even when the posts were very funny, they were also really insightful, and they showed that people really did have a different perspective on what it means to be human.

While it’s certainly not an endorsement for everyone, it definitely is a compliment to all of us.

Karen is a true icon of a lot of people in my life, and in this post she shows that there are some real gems out there that we can all aspire to.

(Thanks to theadventureslurker for the tip.)

‘A new era of photography’ – Creative Photo Project

  • June 18, 2021

Creativity Photo Project is a new digital photography and photo production studio in Melbourne that aims to bring creative photographers to Australia and create a new era in photography.

Founder Nick Bowery and his team have a strong history of building up a reputation for their work and have worked with some of Australia’s most iconic brands such as Coca Cola, Adidas and McDonalds.

“We’re trying to build a space where photographers can be more creative and more open to ideas, to be more open and to be able to express themselves,” Mr Bowerys said.

“The way we work, we work in the moment and I think the way we talk, we talk about the work we’re doing right now and how we can create something.”

Mr Bowers’ work is often seen on Instagram and he has been nominated for a range of awards, including an Australian Photographic Association Best Photographer award.

Mr Bowers said he felt the need to take on a project with a different focus.

“I think it’s something I want to be involved in and that I want people to think about, it’s not just a business,” Mr Cavanagh said.

“There’s a whole different way of doing it, and we want to show people how it can be done.”

The studio is set to open in December with space to work on a variety of projects including weddings, corporate events, wedding photography and family portraits.

Read more about Creative Photo Projects.

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